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Listen to ALL 12 Monthly Winners of the Stagelight Contest presented by Linkin Park! 

The top 12 winners have been chosen and it's now up to Linkin Park to choose the overall winner of the Open Labs Stagelight Music Contest II.

No matter the outcome, LOC and I are honored to have made the Top 12 and be side-by-side with all of the talented artists who submitted. I wish them all the best in their musical endeavors. We're all in this together and I want to give a big shout out to Linkin Park and Open Labs for their continued support of the underground music community.

And of course, thank YOU for all of your support. Big things are coming this year!

- Nick

Check out ALL 12 WINNERS HERE!  

Circles Music Video Goes To Post Production! 

Yesterday was the last day of shooting for my unreleased track "Circles" .  The video now moves into post!

It's been a long, long journey to get to this point and I'm so thankful to have a network of talented people around me, all coming together to create the visuals for my upcoming debut album Circles.  

Here are some snap shots from yesterday's shoot of Alex Wiltz (Editor) and the guys at So It Goes Productions and Metric Creative.
....And me being dunked into some freezing cold water...Haha.